The funeral home La Capatul Drumului will do everything it can to assist you during the most difficult moments of life...
Firstly, through our top quality services, we'll ensure the proper organisation of the funeral. Secondly, we'll assist you with a series of free services, negotiable fees and the option to pay for our services after getting the bereavement grand from the Pension Fund.
The complete range of funeral services we provide are listed below:


Registering the death
(free service)
A document confirming the death will be released by a doctor in Oradea - the service is available daily, around the clock.
Embalming, dressing and grooming of the deceased. We also provide complete men's and women's suits and shoes.
National and international funeral transport carried out with fully-equipped hearses.
You can choose from a wide range of coffins, be them affordable or luxurious, available in several wood finishes, colours and designs
Floral arrangements
Funeral wreaths and sprays made with natural or artificial flowers

Grave markers, candles, urns
We carry all the funeral supplies and accessories needed for the funeral service.

Upon request, we can rent a bier (catafalque) and organise the wake at the Steinberger Chapel.
Coffin handling
Where vehicle access is impossible (from the chapel to the grave, for instance), our team will carry the coffin and the wreaths by hand.
We carry out burials in Bihor County on a radius of 30 km from Oradea - the digging of the grave in the cemetery included.
If you choose to cremate the departed, this operation will take place at the crematorium in Debrecen - or in any other city in Hungary where a crematory is available.
Good things and bad, life and death, poverty and wealth, come from the Lord.
- Sirach 11:14 -

Consulting and other services

Most of the times, the death of a family member or of a friend takes you by surprise, so it’s understandable not to know what to do next. That is why we place all our expertise at your service, guiding and helping you obtain all the documents necessary for the funeral. We will also help you get the bereavement grant, or the survivor’s pension.
Call us at any time!
Bereavement payment
(free service)
Assembling the dossier that will prove your eligibility to receive the bereavement payments from the County Pension Fund and CARPO (if applicable).
Survivor's pension
(free service)
Submitting the dossier required for getting the survivor’s pension and disability allowance (where applicable).
We provide legal advice on inheritance-related issues.
We place obituaries in local newspapers, among which Crisana, Jurnal Bihorean, Bihari Napló and Reggeli újság.
We can help you write a great eulogy for the departed.
A traditional alms basket must contain sweet bread, bread coils, towels, handkerchiefs and candles.