La Capatul Drumului provides national funeral shipping (home, to the chapel, to the cemetery etc.) and international funeral transport and repatriation from Romania to other European countries and vice versa. The shipping of the deceased is carried out in the best conditions of hygiene and safety, with authorised vehicles featuring a specialised cooling system.

In order to be able to conduct the funeral shipping, we'll help you obtain the following mandatory documents: certificate for burial, death certificate, embalming certificate and a receipt from Bihor Public Health Department
(Directia de Sanatate Publica Bihor).

International funeral shipping and repatriation of the deceased

In case the death occurred abroad, La Capatul Drumului will handle all the arrangements in order to repatriate the remains of the deceased. Likewise, our funeral home will repatriate the foreign citizens who died in Romania to their home countries.
Please note: if you hire us, you will be charged only half of the repatriation transport cost
the other half of the costs being supported by our funeral home. In other words, you will pay only for a one-way transport, not for the whole roundtrip - unlike with other service providers that charge for the entire roundtrip.

Over the years, we performed transports in European countries like Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Poland and Spain.
Dying is a wild night and a new road.
- Emily Dickinson -
In the case of international funeral shipping, the hearse must be fitted with a special kind of coffin, which is sealed and features a double wall - made of zinc or lead on the inside, and of wood on the outside. Once the body reaches its destination, this special coffin can be exchanged for another